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Hello There,

I am a new wrangler owner (2013 2-door), and have been lurking for a while, and you ALL rock -- this forum is full of useful information, so thanks!!

So .. I purchased a rampage trailtop soft top, and while putting it on yesterday, I broke several things. The place I bought it from IS sending me whole new kit for me to pull pieces out of, completely free, I should add .. but I feel like I can do better than a couple pieces so ..

First, there are these plastic clips at the rear that are used to pull 2 of the rear straps tight.. I broke one of those. I would like to replace BOTH of the plastic clips with metal ones, but Im not entirely sure what to purchase.

I know that are metal clips etc, that can be put on even after any loops are sewn, but again, Im unsure what to buy.


I will got out and take a picture of exactly what Im referring to, and let folks see, in case that helps.

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