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Ok, im new to the forum and new to wranglers. i just bought an 05 white sport, with the 4.0, 35K miles, and an automatic last week, almost everything is stock, with the exception of nerf bars that will be coming off.
So yesterday the wife and i were visitng her grandparents, and we brought the dog (who isnt allowed inside) so we left him out in the jeep. we have left him alone several times in other cars without incident, but yesterday something freaked him out, and long story short, i have a gaping hole in the back window now. i found a guy selling two sets of new-in-box rampage replacement windows one clear, and one tinted for 150 on craigslist. i did a bit of looking around, and i have found one website selling them claiming they will only fit Rampage tops, and not OEM tops, and another website claiming they will fit both. so does anyone have any experience with them? because its a really good deal, and it would be nice to have another complete set for future issues also.

Sorry about the long windedness of my post, i just find myself telling everyone everything i can about my new ride :)
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