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So im looking into buying a lift kit for my 08 jku and rancho is having a great rebate to im pulling the trigger soon. Now im debating whether or not to get the kit that come with control arms or the one that doesn't. I wasnt looking to spend too much money but at the same time i do not want to cheap out on a lift kit.

Here is the one without the control arms
Rancho 3" Sport Suspension Lift Kit with RS5000 Shocks Black - RS-66106B-K

With control arms
Rancho 3" Trail Suspension Lift Kit with RS5000 Shocks Red - RS-66107-K

Is it really worth the extra money for the control arms? I know that sometimes the pinion and caster angle needs to be adjusted with the arms but will it make a huge different or effect the ride? I do go wheeling a good amount but nothing too crazy. Also im on 30' tires but a couple months after i get more money and the lift im planning on going up to 35's.
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