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Got 3-4 hours highway, freeway & a little city driving today as first miles on my new-to-me Wrangler.

Random thoughts:

gee.....this is WAY better than the old ones;

yes, powerful....
good ride

based on 6 years in Ram Hemi 2500 4x4
which has proven to be the best pick up I've had in over 40 years of driving Fords & Chevys...

Little wind noise from hard top, very little odd sounds about the interior;

The seat fits me very well and I like being able to step into it without climbing up an extra step.
It even sits high enough to give some elevation above the road. Standard Sahara suspension w/18" wheels, gas shocks.

Seating position perfect for my body size.
Would like a little more seat cushion tilt, may install risers in front brackets.

Really comfortable steering response at all speeds up to 70 observed.

Don't know what the 'no power passing' etc crowd is talking about. After 100,000 miles in a 350hp step up pick up that has impressive (for a farm implement) acceleration of its own, so far I'm quite pleased with the 202hp Jeep.
Of course that may change over time.

Cruised at 65+ with consistent 19+ mpg indicated via computer. Of course will measure gas used at next fill up for true reading.

Handling in traffic/town is a delight.

Ride is vastly improved. While SWB tends to choppiness reminiscent of an incestuous relationship between a lawn tractor and a hobby horse, the stock suspension at this point suggests actual comfort on long road trips may be possible.

Further adventures are pending; reports if any are interested.

Overall rating today is far above what I had expected....which was part of why a LWB 4 door had been my original intent.

Drove a 07 Rubi last week with oversize tires & a small lift and it was frankly disappointing and undesirable for my purpose.

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Congratulations and welcome to the forum as well as the obsession! Post some pictures!
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