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I am trying to figure out what the noise is in my 2000 TJ 2.5L engine. I have changed the timing chain and sprockets, valve lifters, water pump, all the idler pulleys. The noise goes away at engine speeds above 1200 RPM. When I bought the jeep it had a cracked exhaust manifold, I also replaced that.
Oil pressure is a little slow to come up to about 50 psi when cold but, never goes below 40 psi when hot and idling. I am using Rotella 10w30 and an over sized NAPA oil filter 1086. Jeep has 140,000 miles, I didn't notice the noise before I changed the oil the first time and, the oil I drained out didn't look to be real dirty or thick. The previous owner was using Valvoline 10w 30 synthetic oil. Spark plugs, rotor, and cap have been changed also.
Any help would be appreciated,
Thank you
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