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Rear axle alignment

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Bent my tie rod on the trail a few days ago, so i decided to do the V8 ZJ conversion. Managed to eye up my front-end alignment to the point where it's driveable, but i'm going to get it professionally aligned. When i called up the place i'm taking my Jeep to get aligned, he assumed the rear wheels don't have any way to be aligned. I wasn't sure of this myself, so i didn't say anything just yet. I figured i would look it up before i went out tomorrow, just to make sure they're not going to half-ass the job and not touch the rear(I'll be watching them the whole time). Not too knowledgeable on alignment myself, so i just wanted to ask to be sure they'll be doing a proper job.

Part of the reason i'm so concerned is because i installed 2 rear LCA mount Safe-T-Caps a few months ago, so i had the rear axle's trailing arms completely disengaged and have messed with stuff back there. So if it is adjustable back there, i want it aligned properly.

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Stock there is no adjustment on the rear axle. If you have one set of control arms (preferably uppers) you can adjust pinion angle. With uppers and lowers you can adjust PA, thrust (axle square to frame and front axle), and wheel base.
Question is are your arms stock?
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