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I have a 2001 Sahara with an mj dana44
I know teraflex has a rear disk brake kit for a jeep
and it uses ford explorer parts
I just came a crossed a 7.5 ford rear end out of a ford mustang with factory rear disks for 10$

I believe I can swap them probably wont be a bolt on
but before I do this has anyone done a swap before and if so what parts will I need
I'm making a list of parts before I start

Knows a couple things...
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I've done the Tera swap onto my D44. What are you expecting/hoping for out of that swap? I was naive enough to hope it'd help with braking with my 35" tires and it honestly did nothing that I could detect. Easier to maintain, easier to swap in new brake pads, but did they help with my marginal (due again to the 35" tires) braking problem? Not in the least.

To make a major noticeable braking improvement, I had to do a major upgrade to my front brakes which basically replaced the knuckles with stiffer knuckles and a new dual-piston Ford disc brake caliper assembly from Vanco Power Brake Supply at After that brake upgrade, I could again lock my brakes up (controllably), something I hadn't been able to do since installing 33" tires. :)
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