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Rear Driveshaft Angle

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I have a 4" lift with no body lift on 31 super swampers with the belly pan spacers to drop the transmission. My rear driveshaft binds and when you left off the gas without putting it in neutral you can feel the driveshaft bump. Back in october was the last time I drove it. I was coming home and without warning my U-joint snapped and caused the rear driveshaft to slap around underneath. I want to fix this angle issue, but I am not sure how.

I have an 87 YJ, 4.2L I6, with BA-10/5 Peugot transmission, and NP207 transfer case.

I contacted Adam's driveshafts because I would really like a SYE kit, but I was told by a worker there that they don't make one more my transfer case.

I am open to any and all suggestions. I just want to get my jeep back on the road and have it operate smoothly.

Thank you!
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First thing is to check those driveline angles. See where they are and where they need to be adjusted to.

Check out this link: Driveline geometry. It's a little techy but it'll give you the info you need to know for determining what your angles are, and for setting the driveline angles whether you have a slip yoke or a SYE. You'll want to know this anyways for when you make your repairs and adjustments. Not only do the t-case and pinion angles matter, but the angle of the driveshaft (and by extension the operating angles of the u-joints). The steeper the driveshaft angle, the steeper the operating angle of the u-joints, and the shorter the lifespan of the u-joints.

For SYE options on the np207, I think you are pretty much stuck with the "hack and tap" SYE kit. Requires you to cut down the output shaft and drill/tap a bolt hole to attach a fixed yoke that comes with the kit. Don't have one, just know that they exist.
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