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OK over the last two weeks there was a clunk coming from R rear driver side ( ish ) Only when I turned corners, fast/slow doesn't seem to mater. So I jack it put it on stands front/back. Checked everything! Put it back down, crawled under frustrated I hit the tracking arm with palm...CLUNK! So elated I took ( cut ) it off bolt was loose in bushing I replaced it BEAR WITH ME. so I slap it back together jump in back out , turn wheels left take off , slowly and....BAMM as I took off it felt like I had flat tires in three ft of mud. But ONLY when turn ing drives straight just fine. So still clunks , left turn more than right. Can't hear/feel any bearings, no seal leaks( axel ) (pinion yes, but light).
Ok so its on stands rear, wheels of drums off, can't tell if its bearings, ( Dana 35) or panard bar/bushings ( the later would make more sense, but it seems tight. Sorry about the biography, but I figured more information is better than not. And apologize for the run on sentences.
Thank you, Poo.
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