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Rear soft top zipper teeth broke

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Well I bought my first Jeep today. It's an '02 TJ Sport. When i got home i noticed that two zipper teeth on the back window were missing. I searched the forums and most of what i found were for the zippers themself. Is there a way to replace the actual teeth?

Oh the teeth that are missing are on the side thats attached to the top and not the window
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Prob have to get a new zipper, a marine upholstery should be able to help you

"When your stupid, your whole body suffers"
^^I've never heard of that. My rear window zipper broke, new windows cost 250 new top cost like 650 hmmmmmmmm new top it was.
After buying a new top (due to bad rear windows zippers) I saw someone with their back window in but top down and I thought to myself, "maybe I should have just sewed it shut and dealt with it".
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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