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I am building my JLUR up little by little and one of the things on my long list is the ability to carry extra fuel. Most options that I am looking at would have the fuel on the back tailgate. Possibly a Trail Trekker 2 Fuel tank which is mounted on the rear carrier before the spare tire. The other option is some rotopacks mounted using their strap system around the spare tire. My concern is the weight that I will be putting on the tailgate. I know that it is stonger on the JL than on the JK - but how much is comfortable.

I currently have 35" Falken AT3W mounted on 18' Fuel Beast rims.
I also have the rear steel bumper and do not want to replace it.

So do I need to re-enforce the rear tailgate? If so, what are my best options without blowing the bank?

Appreciate the recommendations!


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