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Rear Transfer Case Seal Leaking

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My AX-5 transmission went and I found another to put in, while everything was out I replaced the rear transfer case seal where the driveshaft connects. Put in the brand new seal and it was leaking a lot, there is a trail of oil in the driveway to where I parked. Bought another seal and replaced it again, shaft slid in perfectly, but it still leaks just as much. Is there a step I'm missing? I can't think of anything I've done wrong, and this is the last step to getting the jeep up and running. Thanks for any help.
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There are a couple of different seal designs, some larger than others and some smaller. Try going up or down a year.

And before you install another new one, take the driveshaft out, and rub a little tranny fluid on the shaft that slides into the t-case and then slide the seal over it. If its the right one it should clean the shaft and push the fluid back. Thats to make sure that the contact between the seal and shaft is right.

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Take some scotch bright, or steel wool, and remove any surface rust on the portion of the drive shaft that slides into the seal.

The rust is like sand paper, and will wear away at the seal.
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