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So, with a big 35” spare tire dominating the rear window of my Hard Rock, I needed a reverse camera option. I'd read a bunch of stuff on here – thanks guys – and determined that there were two very different options: The “All you need is three parts” approach on one end, and professional install on the other.

I calculated the inexpensive approach at $120 (the three parts from Amazon plus a Raxion spare tire mounting bracket); not including flashing. I estimated the other end of the spectrum at more than $900 (AEV kit + labor) including module-based flashing. I had an added obstacle. My Jeep had a 130 radio.

I wanted to tackle this as DIY, so professional install was out. I liked the inexpensive approach, but didn’t like the idea of the disparate parts (especially all of the unneeded appendages on the PAC cabling). So…I settled on a middle ground:

  1. I bought a new, take-out 430rbz on Ebay ($295 from mygigexperts)
  2. A 9002-8848 kit from Brandmotion ($231 with their 20% off coupon for WF members)
  3. Dealer flash ($78)
  4. Plastic trim tools ($2.43 including shipping from China)
The Brandmotion kit instructions were clear, the kit included everything (including help desk support, if needed), and taking my time, the entire project (including new radio) took 4 hours. Total cost = $600.

BTW, it looks like Brandmotion private-labels for AEV, so save your money and buy direct from the source.
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