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Rear-view camera

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I want a camera that I can switch on or run the Jeep with it on and displaying on the Nav or a replacement mirror. With my AEV tire carrier, fuel caddy and 35s my rearview mirror is completely useless and this way I could also use the camera as a rearview mirror.

The switch is only needed because technically it is illegal to run video displays within the driver's view, and I do not care to waste time in court because some uniformed bandit hiding in a bush with his radar guns sees it display as I drive by.

Has anyone ran across a kit for this? Anyone successfully rigged a similar setup?
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There are several aftermarket options that will let you see the backup camera display as you are driving forward. You press the power button twice to get it to show. NAV-TV is one of them. I have it on my Sebring.
Thank you. That is what I was looking for and could not find.
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