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Rearend leaking

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I noticed I've got some rearend leakage...

It doesn't leave any oil spots where I park, should I worry about getting it looked at?


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when was the last time you had your diff fluid replaced? Its real easy to do, especially in the rear, and when you put new gasket stuff on it won't leak any more.

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Ha ha...

Now that I got that out of the way.

If it is draining down from the front of the diff, From the seal by the yoke, you should have it looked at.

If it is just coming from the diff cover;

drain the fluid

Remove the cover and thoroughly clean the gasket surface

Replace gasket material

Properly torque cover

Fill with new fluid

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Ok, I followed the directions in the link. I'll find out after driving to work tomorrow if the leak is gone. Thanks guys!
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