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I'm very excited to announce our partnership with RIPP Superchargers to begin bringing their painless and powerful systems to California and surrounding areas.

I've had a supercharger in my Jeep JK for years now and can't speak enough to how easy it is to drive compared to a non supercharged Jeep JK.

We are installing RIPP's full line including their complete turn-key supercharger systems, in-house designed headers, and tuning with Diablo tuners.

I've driven RIPP's very own Jeep for 20 minutes in Moab, Utah at altitude - and when I say driven I mean I RODE that gas pedal. I can honestly say I've never driven a better supercharger system.

It's the most complete and well thought out system on the market - hands down. From plug-and-play injectors to a thoughtful allocation for quick snorkel attachment - Ross really put some thought into his system. That's why I'm happy to put Rebel's reputation behind it. The Jeep JK transmission loves the system, it shifted exactly when necessary thanks to the engineering knowledge in the tuning and point mapping.

As far as added noise - yea right! This is the quietest system out there. From the Hush Power cat to the self contained supercharger, no conversation in the Jeep is drowned out by your added power.

Give us a call today and we'll get your Jeep moving!


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