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I've got a 2000 SE with the mighty 2.5l and automatic 30RH. Transmission feels weak and is slipping. Takes a while to build up pressure to take off. So at this point I am going to have to make a decision on either rebuilding it myself or just dropping it and taking it to a shop.
I have changed the filter and fluid twice. The jeep is just a seasonal toy for the old lady to put around in. So the last two springs I have just made that the norm. But it isn't getting better.

Has anyone tackled this themselves. If so what are the parts you recommend to change that doesn't come in a generic rebuild kit.
I see a lot of issues with the governor. So I will most likely add that to my order along with a new torque converter.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2000 SE 2.5l auto 2.5"lift with 32x10.5r15.
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