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Recommendations for a Jeep

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I am looking into buying my first Jeep ever. I am wondering if I could get some possible model recommendations on a purchase? I live in New England so we do get snow, and this year we got a lot of it. The roads get torn up due to plowing and where I live portions of the road is kind of rough. I have never had a Jeep before, but really want one now. I am looking at the two-door Wrangler. I am wondering if anyone could give a suggestion on what the best model would be? I am currently looking to buy new.
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He said he's looking to buy new so that pretty much narrows it to a JK 2 door unless he got super lucky to find a leftover new TJ or a new 1995 YJ lol

If you're just looking to get around on normal roads, through snow/weather, and wont be doing some major trails...i personally think your best bang for buck will be going with a sport.

The extras that come with the rubicon are great but if you're not going to do challenging trails, the extra money for the rubicon vs the sport isnt worth it.

good luck on your search!

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:welcome: to the Forum..:wavey:

I have a 2013 2 door Rubicon, with the 3.6 engine, automatic trans and the 4.10 differential ratio.
This right out of the factory, will do more than I will ever need.

Since you want to buy new, then my suggestion is to you into your dealer, and look over the different models and there prices.
2 door, or 4 door.
Hard Top, or Soft Top.
Manual or automatic.
What package groups do you want.
Differential Ratio. If you buy a Rubicon, then get the 4.10 ratio. If you buy one of the other model, then get the 3.73 ratio. Stay away from the 3.21 ratio!!!!!

Next road test the different models, along with the 2 and 4 door models.
Then make a decision based on, what is best for you and your needs.

Good Luck......:thumb:

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I would say you would be fine with a sport for what your thinking about (really bad snowy road conditions) I would look for one with a limited slip differential in the rear axle it's nice to have. But not even really needed. Open diffs do great for snowy street driving. Now if you have the cash and are coming from a luxury car or you like your stuff to come with all the bells and whistles but you don't plan on really tearing it up offroad Id get advise the Sahara model (note: the Sahara is very capable offroad all wranglers are but they come with street tires and some of their features like sidesteps and painted flairs are not ideal for offroad use). In the next step up is the rubicon. It's best feature for offroad is that it comes from the factory with locking differentials basically making sure all your wheels spin at the same time. It's great in situations where the terrain is really rough and your going to have different wheels off the ground at different times. However the lockers are not good for winter street driving and can't be used unless your in 4L which you also wouldn't use on the street, and so for your needs buying a rubicon would be just like buying a Sahara IE. Lots of fancy luxury stuff, with the capabilities of an open diff sport model. They are offering a sport right now called a willys (the name is a tribute to jeeps before they were called jeeps WWII era) they are supposedly geared towards offroad enthusiasts that want a good base without all the fancy stuff the rubicon has on it. It's the model I chose. It has a limited slip in the back which I thought was great this winter. It has the look and stance of the rubicon but at closer to a sport model cost. If you have any questions about terms I used or even more details you can pm me. Also go to and build out some different models and see what you like.

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No question 'bout it...I'd get a WILLYS Wheeler special edition if I was you. If you don't get the WILLYS, the general consensus is to at least have the Trac-Lok limited slip rear differential and 3.73 differential gear ratio factory options that the WILLYS comes with standard. Here's mine:


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