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Hold it! Pls don't turn this into an armswrestle about which are the "correct" gear ratios for 3.6 with this and that. That's besides the point here, what I'm asking is:

Why does it seem like every regearing thread overlooks the 4lo when mentioning trail riding or rockcrawling?

I do get that mostly the regearing questions/debates arise from the need to tow something high up, with the veiled motivation of no longer being shamed by yotas at traffic lights. But: offroad capabilities do pop up as an argument every now and then, which is why a mechanically and enginerdly inclined noob like myself is puzzled as to why wouldn't one just pop the rig in 4lo?
Well 4lo is only meant for part time use, It isn't designed to be used regularly on the street. The planetary gears would overheat and where out quickly and the chain would stretch.

Now trying to use it for gear reduction isn't practical. It can't be shifted on the fly. Even with 3.21 rear gears; a non-Rubicon with 2.72 low would make the rear gears equivalent to 8.7 to 1. With a Rubicon 4 to 1 low it would make the 3.21 gears equivalent to 12.8 to 1. Even in a hypothetical situation where you removed the front driveshaft; you wouldn't be able to shift on the fly so depending on which low you had a gearing you would probably top out at highway speeds.

It is very rare to hear someone say I wish I didn't have 4 to 1 low unless they have big power or primarily only do sand dunes. For most of us, the 4 to 1 low is an excellent gear reduction for offroad use.
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