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Regearing, do I need seal?

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I plan on regearing real soon. I know the consensus is to pay a shop to buy all of the parts as well as do the install, but I have already bought my ring and pinion gears. Today I plan on buying the master install kits as well. Most of the kits I see online do not come with a differential cover seal/gasket.
Do I need to buy one or will most shops use a liquid type seal? The master rebuild kits I have seen show a gasket/seal to the side of the page and say "recommended" to go with the kit. Is that just a gimmick to get me to spend extra or do I really need to buy the gasket?
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Most shops use RTV like Permatex Ultra Black or Permatex's new Gear RTV which better withstands GL-5 gear lubes. Or buy a Lube-Locker gasket which can be reused many times.
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