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Reinforce Tie Rod - specific question

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Good Evening All;

I have a specific question regarding the "Reinforcing Tie Rod" question.

I know the "slip a metal tube over the tie rod and welding the ends" part. The problem is, and I ensure you I searched: What type of metal tubing do you slip over the tie rod? Nobody has ever gotten into details about that part...

I know if you put too hard of a metal over the Tie Rod you can break the Tie Rod if a "bolder jumps in front of you" - like happened to me :whistling:

I know having a bent tie rod is better then a broken tie rod for sure!

Do I go and get a nice soft pipe like "black pipe?" Perhaps I am just over analyzing this?

Any suggestions are welcome! Any "flames" are not so welcome, but I know I my deserve them :hide:

As always, I look forward to hearing from y'all.

Thanks for your time.

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if you want to upgrade the tie-rod, the V8 ZJ tie-rod is a good choice. it's 1" solid. otherwise the Currie steering is the next best option.

i'd only sleeve the stock tie-rod if needed for a trail repair....
Guess I should have asked this before..but I am dumb...sometimes?

What year ZJ works? Any year when it was still a ZJ?

Thanks fellas!
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