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Removing Backseat

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I've seen, and been told that the backseat is easily removable for extra storage ( obviously a jeep has about a foot of space total between everything ) but I'm needing more room, I've almost got it figured out. Anybody come across and complete this obstacle in the past?

If so, any quicker hints, this is frustrating.
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The back seat easily removes. Mine has spent more time in storage than it ever did in the Jeep.
It's very easy to remove. I would suggest replacing it with a fold and tumble for accessibilty in the future.
okay cool i must be going about it the wrong way >_< ...knowing me, err thats not hard to do . Thanks guys ill keep pullin away on it
Don't all YJs have a fold and tumble rear seat? Was it only certain ones?
mine has the fold and tumble, but even still, i cant get it out? do i have to unbolt anything, or do i just have to pull the 2 "hinge pins"
Yeah, just pull the two retaining pins and slide it to the right I believe. It'll come right off.
Yeah mine doesn't fold at all ... lol
It has been awhile, since I took mine out. It seems that there was a catch on the side, to fold it forward, and then release the pins on the floor, and slide seat to the right. It should all come right out. I also removed all the hardware for the seats, seat belts, and put in a fuel cell. But you should not have any problems removing that back seat.
I think he said his doesn't fold and tumble. If it doesn't, I guess he doesn't likely have a stock YJ rear seat. Sounds like a CJ seat??? I would think just unbolt it where it is mounted to the floor of the tub.
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