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The ignition switch in my '90 YJ has always had a crunchy feel and seemed like overly hard to twist the ignition key to start it since I've had for the past three years. The key switch finally gave out while on a out of town adventure a couple weeks ago. The Acc. start was OK but not the final ignition start. Luckily I was able to push start the YJ a couple times to get back home. After removing the steering wheel and pulling the ignition switch, I could see this thing called a steering column sector gear that actually mates into the ignition switch and engages the tooth rod that engages the starter wiring inside the column. Found this sector gear black hard plastic with missing and damaged teeth. Ordered a replacement part from Extreme Terrain and had the new sector gear in a few days. Not to hard to remove the steering wheel, turn signal, horn with YOU Tube help vids. However this new sector gear would not easily fit into the recess of the new replacement
ignition switch and ended up carefully filing down the new sector gear nub that fits into the switch recess.
All good now, except for fighting with the horn button on A Grants steering wheel and had to give it up for a day.
Back in operation now, but would rather do other jeep repairs than mess with the steering column.:jawdrop::whacky:


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