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I bought a 1987 Jeep that has been lifted.
Their are really old shock absorbers on the jeep that need replacing.
I have managed to read the following engraving on one of the shocks...

Made in USA

Because I'm a novice, can someone help and tell me what shock absorbers I need to buy to replace these.

I live in Spain and so I emailed Rancho but to date no reply.
Any help greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

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That is a Rancho 9000 series shock, 9125 refers to the actual travel lengths.

This link below is pretty self explanatory on the size differences.

Rancho RS9000 Shock Specifications

If you did not install lift and shocks yourself I would follow the YouTube video and get your actual travel measurements, the research the brand of shocks you want to replace them with, then go to their website or dealer to match up closest travel distances.

I'm good with my Rancho 5000's for a medium priced shock, If I have to replace again I may save up for some nice Bilstiens
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