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Purchased a 2000 Jeep Wrangler last week w/70k miles on it. Going to be mainly for my son - who gets his permit in about 5 months! So I have some time to get it "fixed up".

First order of business - it really needs new tires. Currently it has a Dean brand MUD tire size LT285/75R/16.

Now my intent is to also at the same time put new rims on the vehicle - it's a black Jeep and we want to go with some black rims - it needs to look good as my kid is going to need some help w/the ladies!!


1) Stay with the same size tire/rim? I know these work, they don't rub, etc.. and they look fine on the vehicle.

2) Drop to 15's? Go up to 17's? From stopping at a couple of local tire shops they pushed me to go w/ 17's as it was easier to get a tire in that size??

Just so I am clear - 15, 16, or 17 - as long as I get the same tire size/diameter, does it really matter? It's mainly a "look", correct? 15 inch rim with that diameter tire = more sidewall?

From reading these forums I am very interested in the Toyo Open Country AT II. We want a tire that looks good, keeps the Jeep a "jeep", but also allows you to actually hear the stereo on the highway! This Jeep will probably (never say never) get offroad.

The Toyo AT II appears to come in an LT285/75R/16 only in the LT version - which is a 10 ply tire? That sounds like a rougher ride where the P version might be better for us w/ more highway/road miles? There is a Toyo AT II in the P285/70R/17 (hence the moving to a 17 inch rim).

I also see some reference to that LT tire being a 10 ply, others as an 8 ply - or is the "P" version the 8 ply?

Also I get the rim size - the 285 part is the sidewall height? The 75R is the tire width?

And should this be an 8 inch wide rim?

I don't want to drop $2,500 on tires and rims and end up getting the wrong thing - but can't really drive it until we pull the trigger (old tires are VERY worn - not safe imo!). I also don't want to get crazy over spending - but at the same time not worried about an extra $20 a tire or something.

Thanks for any direction. (Picture below for reference - I think we established from a post I made in the TJ forum that this has a 2 inch bb).


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I would stick with the same size tire and wheel. Those look like the rubicon wheels which look great so honestly I would stick with them over aftermarket black steel wheels. The rubicon wheels are are lighter and stronger than the steel wheels so going with steel ones is really a downgrade and will reduce your gas mileage. As far as figuring out the tire size for a 285/75R16 the 285 is the tread width in milimeters and the 75 is the aspect ratio which means you take the 285 x .75 to get the height of the sidewall so for overall diameter you need to take 285 x .75 x 2 and add the diameter of the wheel but you have to convert the milimeters to inches first (1 mm = .0393701 in)
tread width = 285 x .0393701 = 11.2 in
diameter = 285 x .75 x 2 x .0393701 = 16.83 + 16 (wheel diameter) = 32.83
So you basically have a 33x11.50 tire
oh if you don't want to do the math i think has a converter just google it.

hope this helps
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