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River Raider Skids - Removal!

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Hi all, I love my River Raider skid package. Unfortunately my 2013 JKUR has a sick oil pump. Warranty, but jerk dealer wont remove the oil pan skid. Anyone know if you have to take them all off (please tell me no!) to get the front one off? I haven't yet had a chance to roll around in the Spring mud and make my own opinion...and it's been a long time since I rolled around in the mud putting them on!
Thanks in advance
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Welcome to the forum. Can't expect the dealer to remove skids to perform warranty work, for free anyway. If you haven't set the bridge on fire maybe he'll R&R them on your dime.
I installed mine recently, if I remember right the front will come off easily. The only one that will be a pain will be to change out the transmission fluid, pretty sure 2 skids will need off for this . At that time I'm going to take it back to River Raider for work
Thanks guys. It's the access to the backside nuts on the front one that will be the issue...and yep, they've been "used" so I'm not even sure the hex sockets aren't closed in. In which case I guess it's grinder time. Last I looked it was mostly damage to the two rear plates tho. This should be fun!
It's a manual so not too worried about trans fluid...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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