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Rock Hard bumper/Zeon winch fit dilema

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2015 JKUR, Rock Hard full width aluminum bumper, ready to install a Zeon winch. Did a test fit and found I had to cut off a bit of one of the mounting bolts--did that, and it lines up with the holes and will bolt up. BUT, the control pack is pressing firmly on the front grill. I really don't want to relocate the control pack.

So I have 3 choices. 1) Live with it, knowing that I'll have to unbolt the winch or bumper to remove the grill (not a big deal--headlights in and working). But it will likely run and ruin the grill. 2) Space out the bumper a little bit. Rock Hard provides a set of 1/2" spacers but that is more than I need, and I'll have to grind one of the frame horns. I could install some appropriately sized washer to get a bit more clearance, which would work. But I don't really want the bumper sticking out any more--I like the look where it is. 3) Grind out the four mounting holes in the Rock Hard mounting plate to allow me to position the winch slightly forward. My concern with this is strength, though Rock Hard does provide some steel bars that bolt under the aluminum mounting plate and I will use those.

Please chime in with whatever you think the best choice is, and if any of the choices are bad.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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