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rock krawler lift

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anybody have a "rock krawler" lift...i have been looking at the long arm rock krawler lifts and they seem to be very good and they have a very reasonable price so i was just wondering if anybody has had any experience with one...and a couple more questions...with a 5.5" lift how much chance of rolling (flipping) is there (on the road)...and is 1400+ rti ramp score on a 20 degree ramp good?..thanks
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Rock Krawler had a rough start when they 1st came out on the market. As I recall there where some issue with the joints and a few other things. The company was sold and the new folks seem to be turning things around. As for 5.5" of lift.. I know that several folks who have the re 5.5 kit have switched over to 4.5 springs as they felt the 5.5's where too tall. And last yes a 1400 on a 20 ramp is a good score.
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