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rock krawler lift

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anybody have a "rock krawler" lift...i have been looking at the long arm rock krawler lifts and they seem to be very good and they have a very reasonable price so i was just wondering if anybody has had any experience with one...and a couple more questions...with a 5.5" lift how much chance of rolling (flipping) is there (on the road)...and is 1400+ rti ramp score on a 20 degree ramp good?..thanks
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I've seen a lot of RK lifts in action and they do perform very well. Jeepn is right they did have some issues when they first introduced their Gen I stuff, but Jeremy has been very diligent in turning the company around since he has taken it over. The arms they use are solid stock and darn near indestructable. The new X-Factor kits are well designed and are also very functional. The on road manners are not changed at all. I installed a 5.5 LA on a friends jeep a couple months back and the install was pretty straight forward. However I would caution if you are buying this kit to wheel it good and hard like it's designed then get the weld on cradle and not just the bolt in.
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