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Roll-on Bedliner Removal?

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My Sport came from the PO with fairly sloppily applied bedliner. It feels hard and not rubbery, and is glossy, sort of. It has the lumps in it, too. I am guessing Herculiner?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

How can I remove this stuff if I want to have my tub Line-Xed?

Can this be done? If not, the tub was not completely done. The driver's floor pan was not lined. (WTH? It gets the most use, so I do not understand this decision.) Can I simply roll on more Herculiner to complete the floor if I cannot get it off of the rest of the tub?

Any suggestions or stories from experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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If you Line-x it then you have to get all that old crap out. It's not fun.

Get yourself a utility blade with plenty of blades, a scraper, and a grinder and go to town. Start by trimming the edges and then try to pry and peel it. If it starts to tear then just start scraping, cutting and grinding it all away.

Pics of liner?
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