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Ok... I've had my 2.5 Rough Country BB lift on for almost 2 yrs with no complaints at all... still haven't pulled the trigger to have my 1.25 BL installed yet...debating whether if I just want to upgrade to a 2.5 Rock Krawler stock mod or just add the BL. If anyone has pics of either the Rock Krawler stock mod with stock rubicon KM tires, please post them, or the Rough Country 2.5BB with 1.25 BL also with 32's... Just trying to make a decision. Tires are pretty much new and afraid the 2.5 stock mod might be too much for these tires at this time. Prob going with 33's or 34's when she needs new shoes. Any pics and/or input is greatly appreciated.

Will be taking her on some trails this spring/summer. I hate messing with something if it aint broke...but then again, it's a jeep and the mods just keep coming....especially in my head!! :facepalm:

This is my daily driver... otherwise would prob. re-gear and go with 35's. Trying to find the right combo....

Thanks all. All input and pics welcome.
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