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RSMwrangler Sporticon built

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RSMWrangler JKU Sport built

I keep adding to my Jeep little by little, and the signature can't keep holding mods in there :), so I thought I needed a place to keep records of what I add and other interesting experiences I may have so I can go back to them, to revisit them, maintain parts and such accordingly.

I bought my Jeep in July 2015, bone stock, plain jane Sport, unmolested, never offroaded, with 28k miles, 3.6L engine, 5 speed auto trans, zero issues, no squeaks, pristine conditions, Since then, it's been nothing but Joy

2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport, A5 trans

Mods list:

Performance / Tune / Drivetrain
Magnaflow 12226 Muffler With Custom Hi Tuck Tail Pipe
Dynomax 24125 muffler, Replacing Factory Resonator
Superchips Flashcal
Hptuners 2.25 with my own street tune

OME 2616 Coil Springs
OME 60066L shocks
Teraflex Coil spring retainers
Rubicon Express 2" bumpstops
Adams 1310 Driveshaft
Synergy Adjustable front trackbar
Synergy adjustable front LCA's
Teraflex Disconnects

OME 2617 Coil Springs
Rubicon Express RXJ714 Shocks
Skyjacker SBE502 sway bar links
Metalcloak 1" stackable bumpstops
Teraflex Rear Lower Trackbar Bracket

Armor / Skids / Mics
Smittybilt XRC Mod Front Stubby Steel Bumper With Modular Bull Bar
ORFab Rear steel bumper
RockHard 4x4 Oil/Trans skid
Ace Rock Sliders
Rubicon Rails
Rockhard 4x4 Evap Skid
Smittybilt SRC Tire Carrier
Poison Spyder Bombshell Diff Covers front and rear
Rugged Ridge front LCA skids

Blue Sea 5026 ST Fuse Box
Silvestar zXe's headlight bulbs
Nilight 3" 18W Pods
Eyourlife 14" Led Bar,

Rudge Ridge Spare CB Mount
Midland 75-785 CB Radio
Midland External Mic
3" Firestik Antenna

MB 352 series Wheels, 17x9 -12 offset
BFG KO2 285/70/17

Recovery / Misc
Kobalt Short Handle Fiberglass Shovel
Rugged Ridge Roll Bar Jack Mount
Hi Lift 48" Jack
Smittybilt Hitch Receiver D Rings
Smittybilt D Schackels
Masterflow MF-1050 12V Portable Air Compressor
Badland 12000 lbs Winch

Cargo Storage / Gear/ Exterior /Interior
HarborFreight Steel 500lbs Hitch Carrier - Haul-Master 69623
HarborFreight 900watts Power Generator - Storm Cat - 60338
Allen Sports 552RR 5 Bike Rack
CURT 45791 8" Hitch Extension
Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag
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Page 2 in case is needed, doubt it., but just in case
Pictures, pictures, and more pictures.... Please...
Couple of pics of the Jeep in original trim, I bought it on a Friday night, by Sat morning next day, I was parked in front of Discount tires, waiting for them to open the store and get rid of the Pizza cutters :)

I made a rookie mistake here, as I should have gone with 35's right from the start, being new to the Jeep scene, I really thought 33's were the best fit size with the factory suspension.

CAM03066 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

CAM03067 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

Came back home with MB 352 17" wheels and BFG KO2 285/70/17 tires.
Untitled by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

CAM03068 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
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At this point, I wanted to test the investment, so I took the Jeep to a place really close to my house to test fit the parts, it's a dirt road where the locals go to get their stuff dirty :)

I thought 33's were going to fit without absolutely any drama, and that I was going to be able to wheel this thing on stock suspension for a while, I promised the wife I was keeping this baby stock for as long as I could, lol, the first time I flexed the factory shocks and the rear tires rubbed the plastic rear flares, I knew I had to at least lift the vehicle a couple of inches, or at least that was the perfect excuse to get rid of the rubbing..

On a funny note, I've been modding everything I touch, so there is some history here, hence the reason of the promise I made to my other half, it's a damn brain decease, and owning a Jeep doesn't help whatever is its inside of my head that some might think I've disconnected in there :), i'm sure the comment "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand" will shed some light to those who wouldn't understand otherwise, hahaha

CAM03103 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

CAM03112 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

Here is the rear tire massaging the flare at full stuff, it might appear as a light massage, but at full stuff, I thought I was going to yank the flares if I was spiining the tires too fast
CAM03111 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
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Flexing my son's offroad toy, he's 7, so i'm trying to teach him how to go slow when his vehicle goes off camber.., he's the one driving and posing telling me to snap the picture.

CAM03131 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

CAM03117 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

CAM03119 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
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Nice pictures. What trail where those pictures taken? They look very familiar.
I went with the Rubicon Express 2.5 sport kit originally, with their monotube rebranded Bisltein shocks, I remember taking the trip to 4wp with a coupon, came out there with $500+ less in my CC, now I needed to investigate what else was needed to complement the lift, after doing the same with my previous IFS equipped rigs, after a lift, aftermarket UCA's are needed to correct caster and camber, I thought there had to be something alike in the Wrangler world, found out there was, correction brackets or LCA's. decided to go with the last ones as i'm sure I've might have bended the first ones sooner or later at one of our local trails.

Don't know if it was needed, but also added the Synergy adj trac bar, reading how the kit was going to lift the Jeep more than the advertised 2.5", so went ahead and had everything installed and aligned.

Notice in this pics there are some rock sliders, those came later, shortly after the lift, but I have some many pics it is thought to find the right succession in time :)

20150824_154719 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

20150824_154707 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
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Nice pictures. What trail where those pictures taken? They look very familiar.
Thanks a lot Dawwhites, It's Holy Jim, or at least the road that goes to Holy Jim, I live literally 5 min away from there.
Luv them flexie rock-crawl'n RC's !
Wanted to have some of the flex Jeeps are legendary for, main reason I bought a Jeep Wrangler JKU, besides the 4 doors, I have a family of 5, and the all 3 kids couldn't fit in my other toy :(, it was almost a shame to get rid of it, but fack it, the Jeep is twice as fun going slower in the right spots, though 437rwhp are going to be missed for a big while ...

copy-CAM02973 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

So I bought some TF disconnects and slapped them in, or maybe I did this before the lift, heck I can't remember, but in any case, I went to the test spot one more time to flex the shocks, mainly I wanted to see if I was still rubbing the tire in the back

20150822_125041 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

20150824_175209 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

20150824_175244 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
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@rsmwrangler oh yeah... I remember you told me that on a previous thread. lol. I was gonna go there this past weekend for a quick trip, but ended up doing something else.
Luv them flexie rock-crawl'n RC's !
Haha, thanks a lot Chris :)
@rsmwrangler oh yeah... I remember you told me that on a previous thread. lol. I was gonna go there this past weekend for a quick trip, but ended up doing something else.
Check the Cadillac trail, nothing crazy, but it's short and fun with some off camber spots and couple of small boulders to sort, takes a couple of hours or less, to go up and down, get some fresh air, hydrate and take some nice pictures up there, rookies can use all their Jeep Gizmos over here, descent control, disconnects, lockers if they wanted, (not needed though), and especially for those bone stock, will give them a little more confidence on how their stock Jeep will behave when off-camber. Rookies should go up with someone that has wheeled before, the trail is easy, but the off-camber stuff can be overwhelming for people who have never done this before, especially going down, trail is graded, and it's a 3 wheel dance at times in some spots if you have a bone stock rig without at least disconnects.
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Soon after the lift, I started having difficulties visually with the way things looked. Lift was almost 4", and having 33's with that much height, I started picturing the Jeep as a skateboard with bigger wheels, i'm not kidding, hard to describe but I wasn't liking it. So I thought I wanted to counteract the height with weight,
Then came front bumper and winch, 150lbs later, and the damn springs only went down 1/2" if any, next thing I know, the grill looks like is missing something, fack it, lets add the bull bar ? you see how easy is to get lost in this modding bug $hit :)

20150830_173951_HDR by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

20150831_061901 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

Also the rear track bar bracket that came with the lift wasn't the lower one, but the upper, plenty of people told me I was going to have issues with it, so i had that removed, and a Teraflex one, lower, went in place

20150824_132259 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
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testing in Joshua tree
2015-09-13_09-08-15 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

2015-09-13_09-10-50 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

20150905_130651 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

20150905_131018 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
Also people told me the ace rock sliders were not enough and I needed the Rubicon rails to complement them, found a set out of CL for the great price, and proceeded to install them, quick and easy
20150919_094716_HDR by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
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Shaved the back of the rubicon rails to have them ready for the time I upgrade from 33's to 35's using my ol HF grinder.

20150919_152411 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

20150919_152401 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

Added longer rear sway bar links (skyjacker SBE502), as I always felt the ones RE sent in the kit were limiting some of the shock travel, which is not much, 25" for the rear shocks, but in any case, I've got almost 1" in droop compared to before with the Skyjacker rear links

2015-09-21_05-01-57 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

2015-09-21_05-01-34 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

20150919_144509 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

Then added the damn bull bar :)
20150919_153610 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
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Had the RE springs replaced with OME light springs, that brought the height down to a more realistic 2" lift, about 2 1/4" or so, OME 2616/2617 Combo, way better street manners as they were more plushy feeling compared to the more HD feeling in the RE coil springs, and the RE shocks were working out pretty good with the RE shocks combo, I know people say Bisltein shocks are harsh, I never felt them that way, but because it's perception thing, I can't really quantify harshness in this context.

Also took the time to get a rear bumper, it was about time, and I went with the ORFfab
option, I picked up RAW for $400 brand new, prepd it,, primed it, and painted it myself with some Rusteoloum black, came out great, and 6 months later no signs of the paint fading or flaking.

20151024_180900 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

Went ahead for more testing at the testing ground
2015-10-16_08-02-38 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

2015-10-18_05-34-23 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

Took the time to remove the RE 2" bumpstop in the back (they were really 2.5" in height), and replaced them with the Metalcloack stackable ones, but used only 1" stacks, the rear RE shocks can take it, and now there is more useable travel in the back with my 33's

2015-10-18_05-35-08 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
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Also did the Smittybilt SRC tire carrier
20151017_105629 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

Did some grinding in the mount to fit my Rugged Ridge CM mount, and added a couple of washers to keep things straight, came out great.

20151017_110915 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

20151017_110930 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr

20151017_112932 by SilverFJ RSM, on Flickr
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