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rubicon 5.5 lifft

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i have a 06 rubicon i have been looking at 2 lift's rubicon express and rusty's i like how rusty's is bolt on and its $2,100 but rubicon express is $2,700 i was wondering if anyone knew aboiut the performance of either one? and why is rusty's so much cheaper?
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Because Rubicon Express makes a better IMO I would go for the RE 5.5 AND GET THE REAR TRIANGULATED. I have the RE 4.5 SF and love it. i would like to have the long arm but don't really need it. I have had good times with my suspension.
I didn't know that Rusty's did a long arm kit. If they don't, then you are comparing apples to oranges because the suspension geometry will be better with a long arm kit and a 5"+lift. Rubicon Express has a great reputation, and everyone that runs it has good things to say. I would check with Joe at to see what he has in a Rock Krawler long arm kit, and what the pricing is before you make a decision.
1BLKJP just got a Rock Krawler long arm kit installed and loves it. So I'd ask Jack(1BLKJP) and Joe about the RK kits as well.
Yeah I want that 8 in RK coil over and some RockJock 60's, Atlas II 4.3:1 T-Case with twin sticks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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