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On my Sport, I’ve upgraded to Rubicon coils and shocks. Also, I’ve installed 1.75” coil spacers and 1.5” wheel spacers. Below is the clearance I have with 265/70 tires. I think it looks a bit silly (too much empty space). I’m either going to remove the coil spacers, or buy larger tires to fill up the space a bit.

I’m debating between 285s and 315s. Do you think I can fit 315/70 tires, or is it to hard to say?

I’m also open to other tire suggestions as well.

I’m not considering 305s due to the poor selection. There is a lot more to choose from at 285/70 and 315/70.

Thank U

p.s. I know that 285/70 have a diameter of 32.71” and 315/70 is 34.36”.
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