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Hey all. I was wondering if any Rubicon owners have replaced their factory shocks with non OEM without doing a lift. I read somewhere that the springs on the Rubicon are the same as other models, but the shocks are different to give a little extra height to clear the larger tires.
I would like to switch to a Bilstein or some other non White body shock that has a softer ride.
I have considered changing the springs to a more progressive design that will give me up to 1 inch of lift so I can run a 33" tire. Possibly the best solution is some type of spacer lift with better shocks and 33s. The biggest reason for the 33s is that my favorite tires do not come in my factory size 245/75 16. I am ok keeping the factory size tires, just want better shocks. Any height increase would be secondary. I do not want to replace my wheels.
Any suggestions?
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