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Rubicon Update

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So I have an update regarding the Rubicon that I went to check out a few weeks ago. For those who were paying attention to my "Convince me I need a Wrangler" thread, the guy selling it pretty much decided he wanted more money for it after he checked the book value (plus I'm not sure if he even wanted to really sell it). Anyways, I was pretty disappointed. It was really clean and you can tell he maintains his stuff pretty well. I really want a silver Jeep, and haven't seen too many around in my price range.

So fast forward a few weeks to now, and the guy still hasn't re-listed it, and said it was probably going to sit in his garage again all winter. So after a little talking today, he said he would sell it to me to the original price we agreed on which is $14.5k. 58k miles, clean title, hard top, 2" budget boost, with some pretty new Duratracs on it. It's not a steal, but I think it's a fair price for a clean Jeep (especially up here in Mass)

So I'll be updating this thread over the next week, hopefully with some good news :dance:

Here are the pics he sent me before:

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Thanks guys, it's actually a 2003 lol. Still thinking about if I should wait until spring or pull the trigger on this one now. EMS how is yours only worth $10k? the kbb private party in good condition in my area is over $12.5k for what you're describing
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