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Gave my girl a name, Ruby Rock, since there is no where in Mid Missouri to rock crawl I had to make it slightly ironic.

Finally got myself a plan for her too. Aside from the HD Floor Mats, grab handles, and headlight/tail light brush covers, so far the only added mods are a Pioneer AVH-x5700BHS double din head unit and the old under-dash light bars from my Durango (they're purple but basically black lights.)

Decided to just go balls out 2.5 inch lift and 35's and it'll be Duratracs or KO2s. Duratracs are recommended to me a lot but are more expensive over the slightly heavier but cheaper KO2s. Going to match them to Fuel Offroad Boost D534 17x9 -12 wheels since I think they look outstanding, plus I met 2 locals who have Fuel Krank and Fuel Hostage wheels and when I told them I was getting the Boosts they were excited to have another friend in the Fuel Family haha.

First thing I believe I'll be getting is the Teraflex HD carrier (hinge and adjustable carrier w/ 3rd brake light bracket cause CB antenna, I can drive around town looking like a douche just like everyone else now, YAY!) Someone has told me that the hinge works great but is very stiff, can anyone confirm?

Next will be the lift itself, probably going to go with the Teraflex 2.5" Coil Lift and Ranco 9000XL shocks (as said in the Most Popular Lift Setup thread.) The kit comes with a rear axle side track bar bracket, on the Beginners Guide to Lifting your JK thread, it says raising the height of the rear trackbar alone will give positive roll/understeer, will this axle side bracket raise the rear track bar? Since we're talking of track bars, getting an adjustable front bar won't raise the front will it? (Don't think it will, but I like asking silly questions)

Anyone have any other recommendations? I've thought about getting the Rancho Control Arm Drop brackets but figured screw it I'll just get the Front Lower Sport flexarms from Teraflex. Non-adjustable but I more than likely won't go higher than 2.5" and 35s.
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