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Has anyone installed the Rugged Ridge Dual Battery Relay Kit? Here's the link for the specific item I'm referring to:

Rugged Ridge 17265.01 Dual Battery Relay, Jeep Cherokee XJ Wrangler YJ

I did the full install and found that the solenoid was scalding hot even when the wiring was in the neutral position. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't feel like that should be the case. I checked all my wiring (to make sure I didn't do something stupid like wire it to be running one of the two operations while in neutral) and everything lined up to be wired how instructed. I know RR instructions are well-known to be vague and poorly written but I can't imagine they'd actually mix up two wirings in the instructions.

Anyone who has had luck with this I'd definitely appreciate your thoughts or insights...Thanks!
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