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I have finally worked out most of the quirks for my Exo-top installation. Once again, I think I have solved most of my leaks, but we will see... I'm looking at the connection of the Exo-top rails to the Yakima Megawarrior (with extension). It will almost go all the way across the jeep, and will extend forward a little over the front and rear of the top of the Exo-top frame.

Rough Dimensions: The rectangle made by the three cross bars from the back of the driver's side to the rear of the jeep is roughly 59" long by 48" Wide.
The Yakima Megawarrior with extension is 74" long by 48" Wide, and the attachment is around a foot inside of this.

My concern is whether I need to put something between the powder coated Exo-top frame, and the MegaWarrior Basket. It looks like the mounting hardware will keep the Yakima basket above the frame of the Exo-top, such that there is never metal to metal contact. Does anyone have a Yakima basket direct mounted like this?
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