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Hey guys-

I just purchased the Rugged Ridge HD steering upgrade for my YJ, and I noticed when it got here that the kit differs from the photos on the site.

Instead of the full length links with TRE's located with jamb nuts as pictured on your site, this kit has shorter links with pass side TRE's permanently crimped into place and driver side TRE's attached with open couplers.

I've spoken with Omix-ADA regarding the possible strength deficiency of the couplers as opposed to the full length tube and they've said it's just as strong.

The only other issue with the new configuration is that if a pass side TRE becomes faulty I can't just swap it out because it is crimped into the tube.
I would have to replace the whole tube/TRE assembly.

It looks like a beefy, strong system and it's surely way better than the stock stuff but I may have kept looking for a more serviceable solution if the pics of the ExTer website had shown the way the kit actually comes.

Pics from your website showing how it's advertised and pics of my kit attached for comparison.

Any input on this?



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