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Saw an old thread ('12) discussing the good, bad, and ugly of Rugged Ridge replacement tops. Wanted to share my experience and seek advice.

Bought the replacement top for my '00 Wrangler Sport recently. Received it on Tuesday, installed it on Thursday. Went outside to get the paper Saturday morning and noticed that the RF weld of the back window plastic had separated from the fabric frame, leaving about a foot of open space at the bottom edge of the back window.

Called the vendor. Since the top was sold as "surplus", it's considered "as-is", even though it was shipped in a sealed box and stated as unopened. The manufacturer has not responded to queries regarding quality control or a potential replacement window.

My questions to the members are as follows:
1) Did I have a bad experience with a good product, or is RR gonna turn out to be a low-quality replacement brand?
2) Anybody know where I can get a RR replacement rear window to match my top?

Also, my early observations are as follows: the top went on well and fits quite nicely. However, in the front section above the doors, there's a noticeable "pucker" on each side, about four inches back from the corner. Both the top and the windows seem thinner than the OEM, and it doesn't seem as quiet on the road. Also, the "wrinkles" in the windows they said would come out once the top has been installed and left in the sun...haven't come out.

Anybody else have experience with RR products?
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