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Hey Ya'll just wanted to do a quick lil write up about the most affordable way to flip your steering rod to the top of the steering knuckles (OTK). I've used them in the past and any time you lift your jeep by 2" or more this is probably the best mod for your money. Not only does it bring the steering geometry back to normal it also gives you a boat load of clearance.

To get the job done the right way on your YJ you'll need to purchase 4 of there tapered insert bushings Jeep "OTK" Tie Rod Flip Kit | Rukse Products
Now is also a good time to replace worn or damaged tie-rod ends and/or dust boot cover.

To do this Job you'll need a 3/4 drill bit, drill, and some light weight machine or cutting oil. Using a hand drill it's almost next to impossible not to wallow out the hole a little, so I like to carefully take off a very small amount of the leading edge of the drill bit. It's always easier to take out more metal later, the closer it is to a press fit the happier you'll be.

Then just take your time while drilling, making sure to stay as level and sturdy as possible. Do this with a light trigger finger, being ready to let off of the gas if the bit grabs hold. Let the drill bit do the work and don't forget to cut slow and use plenty of cutting oil. Once the holes are cut I like to ream the leading edge, it just makes it that much easier to press fit. If you can start it at least 1/4" your probably good to go, but sometimes you may need a lil help from a C-clamp.

Finally, reinstall the king nuts and cotter pins. Your toe should be good, but you may have to adjust your drag link, depending on where you were at before hand. Getting an alignment is always a good idea, those big tires don't come cheap. You'll be happily surprised at the improved drivability and the new found clearance will let you tackle a lot rougher terrain.
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