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Hi there:

I recently noticed that the rear wheelhousing of my 2008 Jeep Wrangler (JK) is leaving significant scratch marks on the car body just above the OEM door steps. The scratching is so important that all body color has already gone on the drivers side of my Jeep exposing raw metal to the elements (!). On the other side the phenomenon is also visible but not as developed yet. It is only a matter of time until rust will cause more damage in the effected area:-(.

For more details please watch the pictures attached.

Has anyone of you had the same issue? If yes what did you respectively your dealer do about it? If not go and check your Jeep! I cannot imagine that this issue is unique to mine. I assume even that some funny sound when hopping over speed bumps is cased by the plastic scratching on the car body.

Any help highly appreciated!


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I'd do the same exact thing they did for the recall on the inner fenders rubbing on the brake lines. Slice off a good chunk of it with an angle grinder, or preferably a dremel if you have one, and hit the existing area with rustoleum. It'll work great
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