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Anybody else hate rust? Why do jeeps rust so bad?
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Try living in Maine... The crap they put on the roads work wonderful for snow removal and creating rust.
Yeah we have the same problem in michigan!
I can relate..I am accustomed to south georgia jeeps with very little rust but just bought one from vermont that is a true cancer patient
I loath rust. They ought to have to pay a stipend to residents to replace their cars for the salt they dump.
Why do Jeeps rust so bad? From what I've seen, poor design. In sufficient drainage. Maybe the galvanizing is too thin, too. Some of it is just the life they live in mud and getting dinged up off-road, but even so, I had water standing in my windshield frame and chassis frame too. On a ten year old vehicle, there was really no excuse for the rust I had. The '60s are over, most people don't ditch their cars every 4 years now or send it to the crusher at 8-10 years, and they need and expect them to last.
Yes i noticed that my frame on my 97 holds a ton of crap and water! When i welded up my frames rust hole i was debating on drilling a drain hole but decided it would probably rust even more.
I drilled a dozen or so in my frame. Painted the bare metal, of course.
I just drilled 4 1/2 drain holes, one in front of each control arm mount. I then cleaned out the frame with compressed air and a shop vac with a garden hose attached too it that would fit down the frame rail. I am doing the Eastwood internal frame coating this weekend. Back in april I spent 3 days wire wheeling the entire frame and painting it with 2 coats of Chassis saver and 2 coats of rustoleum profesional semi gloss paint. looks great and after I'm done it should outlast the rest of the jeep.
When I cleaned out mine, I used a waxy-greasy rust treatment from 3M. I would have tried the Eastwood product if I had know about it at the time, but then I've had good results with what I used on rust prone cars before. We'll see.
yeah, i think so,The crap they put on the roads work wonderful for snow removal and creating rust.
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Love winter, love snow, HATE the salt. They really need to develop another method of removing ice/snow and not slowly dissolve our vehicles. It sucks to pay the same for a Jeep as a southern state yet 10 years down the road their frame/body looks just a good as it did in the showroom, and our frames and bodies are swiss cheesed from rust.

All that salt they dump on the roads sure can't be good for the environment anyways.

Been down in FL all my life!!!! Glad we don't have that SALT everywhere!!!But, We do have an influx of idiots though.... Stick with that salt problem,trust me!:banghead:
I got the dealership rustproofing (we use alot of salt here in Nova Scotia too). Has anyone else had this and how is it holding up? Coming up on my first winter with my jeep
I can't speak for Jeep dealer undercoating because I did my own after I got the TJ and it was 10 years old and rusty in spots. I did have a 42 years old VW Bus with original dealer or Ziebart type rubberized undercoating and it was pretty good. Most was old and starting to peel in spots, but it was clean paint underneath almost everywhere where I scraped off the ancient brittle undercoating for touch up, and just some surface rust most others. I think it saved it from the junkyard many years ago. Thoseold VWs liked to rust, too.
We had a "Spring Snow" today in Indiana, and across the Midwest. Two days ago I was washing my 2003 Wrangler in my driveway, and noticed a couple spots which could be the beginnings of rust. The thing is, they aren't near the ground, but up around the windshield frame and around the side mirrors. I'm not sure what I need to do...

Rust sucks.
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