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Rustys Offroad: Conversions - Jeep XJ-ZJ-TJ-YJ Tie Rod
IRON ROCK OFF ROAD: Heavy Duty Over the Knuckle Steering TJ/ZJ/XJ

does anyone have this set up? any pros or cons? I was told that the over the knuckle is a better set up than the stock y set up, wondering if anyone else has done the same?
The Rusty's Offroad steering set up is really similar to the Rugged Ridge steering set up, both are an inverted "T" style of steering.

Both options will give you tie rod roll and an associated dead spot in the steering. There's nothing that makes it 'better' than an inverted Y setup.

You can do a true, quality crossover steering setup but you'll have to ditch the stock knuckles and you'll spend a minimum of 3x what the above options cost.
Only the Rusty's set up is an inverted "T" set up, the Iron Rock set up is a cross over style steering system.

I would rather have the Iron Rock set up than the Rusty's, if I would've known about it before I bought my Rugged Ridge steering that's what I would have purchased instead.

A couple more steering options would be the Currie Currectlync inverted "Y" style steering, and the Rock Krawler cross over style steering. The Rock Crawler steering is similar to the Iron Rock set up but the drag link goes behind the tie rod instead of in front of it. The Currie steering is basically the stock style steering but redesigned for a lifted Jeep, and twice as strong and thick as the factory parts. The Crown heavy duty steering is also the same design as stock, but in between the stock and the currie set up as far as strength and price are concerned. The Savvy ultimate steering system uses the Currie drag link, with a Savvy designed tie rod that is basically unbreakable/bendable.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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