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Like in my other post Im planning on having a baby so Im getting rid of the non essentials.

I have already sold my pods, light bar, and I have posted my smaller light bar so there is no need for the Spod.

I bought this on one of those Instagram Ads things about a year ago.

It was designed for All Jks up to the year 2015 it said. I have a 2016 and I didnt think anything was changed, but it was. The ECU module was bigger or moved or something in the 2016s because this one doesnt fit as snug as it should but it still works 100%. it just doesnt sit perfectly flat because of the power cable position and it just indents the soft hood foam but other than that its perfectly fine. See attached pictures and you'll know what I mean. If you have an older JKu you should be fine.

These switches come with there own relay and fuse, as well as relays and fuses for each acc. you hook up ;up to six. Its all plug and play.

Im asking $200 and I will ship but you will need to pay more than shipping cost and I will refund you the remaining. Or if you have a fed ex account, that works even better.

Same as my other post, if you are in the RI/MA/CT area, I will help you install it.

Any questions, please ask!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts