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Only in September, you can get a perfect performance suspension set to lift your Jeep Wrangler while saving 20%. Dong miss this unique opportunity to upgrade your vehicle with high-quality parts that will not break your budget. The prices are already reduced on all the products produced by Superlift, including lift kits, springs, coil spring spacers, steering stabilizers, and other accessories that you can use to enhance your Jeep’s off-roading capabilities.

The installation of a lift kit offers the Jeep Wrangler owner lots of benefits, including higher ground clearance, increased suspension travel, the ability to fit larger off-road tires (35"x12.5" max), and give the vehicle a unique look and aggressive stance. With more than four decades of suspension parts design and manufacturing, the Superlift company has a reputation of a highly-trusted supplier of premium-quality products made from strong and durable materials.

Superlift® - Master™ Lift Kit

Available lift options: 2.5" and 4.0"
Preserves original ride quality, front track width, steering geometry, and CV axle angles
Lateral rigidity is provided by control arm crossmembers
No need to trim the front differential housing
More responsive steering thanks to dual centerlink stabilizing links

Superlift® 5702 - 2" x 2" Front and Rear Coil Spring Spacers

Improves handling
Fits perfectly on vehicles equipped with 33" x 12.5" tires on 17" x 9" wheels with 4" - 4.75" backspacing
Made in USA

Other Superlift Suspension Products at

For more information, visit, check the product description or ask your question toll-free at 888.634.9437
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