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Apologies for resurfacing this thread, but I also ordered a Sarge green Wrangler Unlimited Sport S, I had seen a few where I live running around, but I hadn't had the chance to look at them closely like with these pictures.

The dealer had already sent an order to the factory with some of the packages I liked it and that was the one I shown in my introductory post to this forum, however when I showed up Wednesday to reserve it, the one they offered me first had not been built yet, so they give me the chance to build one with the options I wanted, and put me on the top of the queue. Honoring the Jeep tradition for the 80th anniversary I picked the 1941 decals.

Using the online builder (these are NOT real pics) this is how it would look after the choices I made.
Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Tire Land vehicle Automotive side-view mirror

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle

I also added the limited slip differential option. Where I live during winter, if you hit a patch of ice in the border of the road even in the city, this could make the difference between life and dead.
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