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I've been running the OME ZJ/LJ on my LJ (934 front/949 rear) combo for 2.5yrs 45k miles with Bilstein 5100s. After bumpers, tire carrier, winch, sliders, armor etc it netted me 3" of lift. Well 2 of my Bilsteins have been leaking and are shot.

My question is...I know the Savvy Fox 2.0s are a perfect match and valved for the Savvy/Currie springs but Im wondering how they'll be with my OME HD springs (compression rate of 160 front/216 rear)?

I spoke with Marty last week, sent him my specs and still waiting to hear back. I need to make a decision here soon and place an order.

Any idea or thoughts?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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