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Long time lurker; first time (I think) posting. Now that my wife has a new JK I've got a green light to do whatever I want to the old TJ so hopefully this will be the first of many. Anyway first big project was as the title suggests a Schrockworks front bumper and Warn Zeon. Everything lined up and bolted up perfectly. The only drilling I had to do was on these little spacers that fit between the bottom of the frame rails and the bumper; the holes were just barely too small for the bolts so I enlarged the holes with a Unibit; took just seconds.

If anyone was considering if this combination would work together it does. A few bolts were required for correct installation:

The winch instructions indicate bolt length depends on how much material you are bolting through. The 1/4" bumper + 1/4" fairlead mount adds up to a 1/2" which the directions indicate M10-1.5 x 40 hex flange bolts but only two of which are provided with the winch, not four as were needed. The shorter bolts will work, but are not up to spec.

I added on the steering box skid plate, and one of the bolts provided with it wasn't long enough to pass through the flat washer, lock washer, skid plate, bumper, spacer, and into the bottom of the frame. I was able to install it without the lock washer until I was able to get to a hardware store and buy a longer bolt. I believe that was a 1/2" x 2" 3/8 thread hex bolt, grade 8 (the supplied bolt was just 1-1/2" long).

Anyway, loving my new bumper and winch and hope my post helps somebody out there. I tried to post a picture; hopefully it works.


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